A day in the garden – May 8th

Yesterday I spent in the garden. A nice cool, but mostly sunny day – perfect for setting out plants from the greenhouse. I planted 46 tomato plants (which may seem like a lot, but it’s a small number for me). The 46 doesn’t count the 10 Stupice tomato plants I put out a few weeks ago. The peas are thriving (3 varieties) and the blueberry plants are loaded with green berries. I think it’s going to be a great garden year. It’s nice to be able to plant early.

First blog post

The purpose of this blog is to change the format of our Goat Knoll website “What’s Up” section. This feature of the website was created in 2005 and was intended as a view for site visitors on what was happening currently on the farm. There was no opportunity for visitor questions/feedback and sometimes it was only updated a couple times a year. This old history has been left on the website here: 2005 – Feb 2016 What’s Up

New updates will be on this blog – perhaps updated a bit more often. We’ll just see where this goes…