Fog – What’s it good for?

In the winter and early spring, it’s foggy here a lot. Sometimes it doesn’t even lift during the day. What constructive can we do with fog? Peggy Clyne told me of a technique that she’d heard from Judith Mackenzie for puffing up wool for spinning.

I tested “fogging” using my Shetland roving. I put the roving or batt outside for a day or even just overnight and the wool absorbs moisture and expands. I hung some brown Shetland wool roving from the Christmas light hooks under the outdoor porch roof. Next morning I was surprised to find that the roving had expanded to at least double it’s pre-fog size!

However – I found I don’t have to wait for nature’s fog – I have lots of fog in the greenhouse on a regular basis. I tried some white batt that I carded in the greenhouse overnight with the same amazing result.

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