Goatmowers run quietly and use very little fuel. Unfortunately, repeat application is sometimes required: In April I noticed a rather nasty patch of blackberries and weeds behind my garden plot so I built a temporary electric fence and housed a few goats in the area for a month or so. When the patch was cleared, I moved the goats back to the main herd and took down the fence. I shouldn’t have taken down the fence as last week I noticed the blackberries had come back with a vengeance. So, I put back the fence and captured a few goats and put them in. This time, when the spot is cleared I will remove the goats, but not take down the fence!

Kidding – 2018


It was a good kidding year – thanks to the help of family and friends. The final count was 23, 12 girls and 11 boys born February 22 – May 2, 2018. Have to see about grouping them up next year as it seemed like a long drawn out kidding season. I wean the last of them near the end of July. All are doing very well. All of the doe kids are sold, but there are a few wethers left not spoken for. If I end up keeping them, that’s OK too as I’m thinking of doing less breeding in the future. I still want to keep quite a few goats on the place as there is a ready market for their cashmere and I have a lot of brush and weeds around that isn’t getting eaten.